Ark of Jesus Christ Kaivalyam Church Growth

Pastor. Kaivalyam David was born as the last son in a family of 8 children. His father was an Atheist and mother was a secret protestant Christian. At the age of 13, his mother passed away and shortly after 2 years he lost his father too. One day when he was fast asleep he suddenly heard his brothers discussing who would take care of him, his studies and other necessities. The sad plight was none of his brothers were willing to take care of him.

It was a very pathetic situation, he felt that he was almost an orphan. The pain was too heavy to bear, the loss of his parents and the state of being an orphan made him leave home without anybody’s knowledge of Chennai city. He roamed in the streets with hunger and tears rolling down his cheeks wandering like a lost sheep, homeless and none to care.

Sometime later he found a job to support himself but it was a place of sin to work, soon he quit the job and was employed in a Christian shop. The shopkeeper took him to a church, this was the very first time in his life to step into a  Pentecostal church. The message given at the church touched his heart and kindled a hope within to live because there is a living God. Therefore he held on to this faith that he believed which made him accept Christ as his personal savior, committed to obey to the waters of baptism.

When he heard the truth of Holy Spirit he says ‘I was neither able to believe nor deny the power of God, so I prayed in few words that if I could experience the touch of the HOLY SPIRIT I would accept JESUS CHRIST as my Lord and dedicate my life to serve GOD’.

The loving Lord heard his prayer and filled him abundantly with his power. He was unable to control the power of God and was filled totally.

When he received the power of the Holy Spirit, he immediately felt amazingly happy. It wiped away all his tears, the long pain, loneliness, and agony, which had a stronghold since the demise of his parents – were now totally healed. The founder joyfully says that “By the immense grace, mercy, and love of God I received the special anointing of the gifts of Holy Spirit and received the calling of an apostle, therefore, I dedicated to bear the sufferings of Christ in the field of ministry”. Right from the age of 17 to this day the Lord has blessed this ministry abundantly by winning 1000 souls for Christ and planting new churches in areas where the gospel was not sown. The Lord has blessed me with a beautiful gift, my wife Priya who stands as great support for me in the field of Family and Ministry. the Lord has blessed us with 2 sons Jude and Jonathan. Together as Family, we are serving the Lord .I will bless the LORD at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth”.Psa 34:1.