The God given vision to AJC is to plant 100 churches before the end of 2015.The Founder along with the Co-pastors and church are planning and preparing to accomplish according to the perfect will of God.

The Church supports the full time worker for the first two years both materially and financially to minister in the new area assigned to them.

When entering a village for the first time, the Pastor works to build relationships and identifies opportunities to share the gospel. With the acceptance and approval of the village leader, the Pastor is able to work openly. Village people who accept the Lord through individual contact with the Pastor are encouraged to witness their faith without fear of being ostracized or persecuted. The Pastor also can arrange for a team equipped to show films of JESUS to large groups of people in the village.

Forming cell groups and children ministries are motivated regularly for the base of the church.
A suitable land has to be purchased at low cost and a simple village church can be constructed on an Estimated amount of Rs.3,00,000 = 6500US$ ( land and building )

We look forward for people who are certainly interested in doing something for the Lord or having a deep desire. As David to build the house of the Lord (1 Chronicles 17 : 11-14).You can build together as a family or church or prayer cells.

If you would like to be one of the partner of such church you can contact us. We will be happy to send you the details of the church.

We welcome you to join us in  church Planting for the glory of God. When you wholeheartedly come forward to build the house of the Lord surely the Lord will bless you and Prosper you and your descendants.