Our Missions are

To get dissolved with mentally challenged people and give home to the mentally disabled roaming on the streets.
To take care of the uncared whose existence is considered as a burden by their family and society.
To involve the mentally challenged in different activities with an aim to bloom their latent potentials.
To counsel the guardians of the mentally challenged people and make them aware of their rights and duties.
To create mass awareness on the plight and status of the mentally handicapped who belong to an extremely marginalized section of the society.

Sponsors/generous offering for the mentally handicapped would enable us to be more supportive to them and also extend our hands to serve to more like them. We have been making constant efforts in this direction also and we welcome such a gesture from humanitarian individuals.

One of our Co-Pastor Pr.Kalaivanar  had a great Passion towards such ministry and He committed as  family in taking care of the mentally disabled people with great responsibility.He has sacrificed a lot and is truly serving with a compassionate heart in spite of  all difficulties.

He has  trained the disabled ones  to do their daily chores, like eating, dressing, grooming, and also toileting etc. The main purpose of this training programme is to infuse confidence in them, to make them feel that, they are quite efficient and can attend to their daily needs.

We also offer special deliverance prayers for such people. By the abundant grace of God about 17 men and women are delivered from the bondage’s of Satan because of which they were mentally affected and now they have returned to their own homes. Above all we are happy to share that they are inquiring about the others who are still sick.
We pray and hope the Lord will enable us to serve more for the needy. Pray & Support with a passion for these people who are in need of love, care and concern.

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