Deliverance and Fasting Prayers are often conducted in all our AJC churches for the Salvation of the people.As the Bible says Acts 3 : 6 Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.

Most of the people who are under the bondage of Satan, witchcrafts and sorceries are delivered in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST in our special Fasting Prayers. Special prayers are also offered for the sick, many are healed in such prayers and are witnesses around the world for the glory of God.

Special Fasting Prayers

Fasting is the greatest spiritual discipline for seeking God’s intervention. Combined with prayer they together make up the most critical weapons of spiritual warfare and deliverance in our lives. While we cannot manipulate God to fulfill our desires exactly as laid out to him fasting always (when done the biblical way) moves God to fulfill his intended will over the matters.
Our Lord Jesus said fasting would be necessary for his disciples after he ascended. “The time will come when the bridegroom will be taken from them; then they will fast,” ( Matthew 9 : 15 ) The early disciples remembered the words of their master and thus they made fasting vital. The outstanding work God accomplished through them speaks for itself.
Special Fasting Prayers are conducted once in Three Months. Well renowned Speakers mightily used by God are invited to share the word of God for the edification of the Believers and for the Deliverance and Salvation of New Souls.

Mens Fellowship

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Womens Fellowship

Bible was used to emphasize the fact that the secondary position of women and the subservient role that she was expected to play was ordained by God. The following images were used to affirm the same.
• Loving, caring, self-sacrificing wife and mother
• Hardworking housewife – e.g. Martha, Proverbs 31
• Submissive women – e.g. Mary, mother of Jesus
With these images as the guiding principle women in the church were encouraged to be good mothers, obedient and faithful wives. They are also encouraged to be home builders and guardians of the teachings of the church. The women’s fellowship was formed and they took leadership positions in the women’s fellowship.

Every Tuesday women Prayer Fellowship Intercede for the Church, Nation and for all the Families. Its of course an immense joy to know that our church is strongly supported by the women prayer warriors and it serves as a great Blessing in all the fields of ministry also we have a number of living testimonies.

Every week women of Ark visits hospital and pray for the sick, Pioneer Ladies are also involved in children ministry, village ministry and tracts distribution.

Women’s fellowship is a real blessing to all women who is a part of it. AJC is a place where women who are mentally depressed due to family problems, issues at their work place and financial difficulties obtain comfort, consolation and heavenly peace. They pour out all their concerns in Lord’s presence like Hannah and obtain deliverance. They return back with gladness in their heart and rejoicing in the Lord who never fails in HIS promise. Women in this fellowship motivate each other in Christ to run their race to win the imperishable crown. They are blessed not only through spiritual counseling but are also benefited through Bible Studies and are edified by the power of the holy spirit.